KVIFF 2019: ‘Lara’ is Another Outstanding Film from Jan Ole Gerster

Lara Film Review

He’s finally back with another film! German filmmaker Jan Ole Gerster earned himself a modest following with his first feature debut, a B&W film from 2012 titled A Coffee in Berlin (also known as Oh Boy). The film is a cult classic because it’s known as pretty much the definitive film about life in modern Berlin today, what it’s like and how it feels and everything. Jan Ole Gerster is finally back on the scene with his second feature film, titled Lara, which is premiering back-to-back at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival then the Munich Film Festival this summer. It’s another outstanding film from Gerster, and another outstanding character study, a portrait of a mother dealing with her thoughts and emotions and feelings on her 60th birthday. I just hope we don’t have to wait seven more years for Gerster’s next film, because he’s a seriously talented filmmaker. ›››

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Kittu Siva

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